Why Beauty Routines Count as Self-Care

Have you ever wondered why you just feel so much better when you take a shower or wash your face? Or, even if you have nowhere to go (thanks, pandemic), you feel on top of the world when you do your makeup? How about those charcoal masks you use weekly, and then maybe post a cute selfie on Instagram to show your friends?

It’s not that the actual products you’re using help you feel more put-together… It’s the act of engaging in these rituals with these products that bring you more peace of mind and a better overall attitude about the world around you. I’d like to call it Beauty Routine Therapy.

Top 5 Reasons to Engage in Beauty Routine Therapy

1 – You Feel In Control of Something

When so many other things feel completely out of your control, beauty routines can bring that to the table. The simple act of washing your face regularly, is such an easy way to regain some semblance of control in your life. You get to decide when and how you are running this part of your day. It’s comforting to have this form of stability in your life. Beauty routines are an easy way to empower yourself to take on bigger challenges that may be stressful.

Courtney with The Beauty Deep Life blog says: “It begins as … a reminder to pay… more attention to yourself, prioritize yourself… Then it can evolve into fully honoring yourself… an empowering expression leading to a renewed sense of self.”

2 – You Are Choosing to Put Yourself First

Having a daily beauty routine is a simple reminder to take care of you. I remember feeling so incredibly depleted each time I was in those heavy postpartum days when everything revolved around baby. I barely had the time or the energy to brush my teeth, much less an hour doing my makeup.

After a while, keeping up with these routines will feel much more effortless. You feel less of a need to announce it with skywriting that you’re taking some time for you. Not to mention, it also sets a great example to those around you, especially children, that it’s important to fill your own tank first so you are better equipped for the rest that life has in store for you.

3 – You Feel More Equipped For Your Passions

I don’t know about you, but I feel so much more ready to conquer the world when I put some effort into myself first. When I take the time to do a full wash routine for my hair and style it, finish up my skincare routine after my shower, and then ultimately top off my look with my favorite makeup (and outfit!)… I’m ready to slay!

I spend time creating better quality content for my business, I feel more inclined to network with new people, I show up to meetings ready to participate, and I engage in social media in a more productive way. I almost always have a better day when I spend time on myself first.

4 – You Are Up-Keeping Your Health

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. Which means it’s also sort of a “check engine light” for the rest of our health. When you both look and feel good, that tends to send happy messages to our brain that lead us to feeling better about ourselves in general. And since our skin is our largest organ, don’t forget regularly dermatology checks and using skincare daily! These are additional routines that help both your physical and mental wellness. There is so much peace of mind that comes with making sure your skin stays healthy!

In a study published in June 2018 in the Lancet Psychiatry, researchers found that people who have less consistent routines throughout their day were more likely to suffer from major depressive disorders, mood problems, loneliness, and less happiness. You help stop that spiral of anxiety when you have something to focus on. Beauty routines keep you busy (in a good way!) rather than stay stuck inside your head.

Also! A haircare and/or skincare routine is an easy first step to set you on the path to renewed confidence and empowerment. Especially if you are dealing with any of the many types of skin or hair issues that so many people experience. Working towards great hair and skin with a consistent routine can open the door for a whole new healthy lifestyle. A haircare or skincare routine can motivate you to make various other lifestyle changes that can drastically impact your life in positive ways!

5 – You Are Sending a Positive Message to Your Brain

According to a 2020 article by Everyday Health, “The experience of an at-home facial or treatment is certainly comforting, but you also get a lot of fulfillment just planning for it… Expecting positive events has also been shown to activate a certain area of the prefrontal cortex, a brain region associated with a sense of well-being, according to a study published in January 2018 in Frontiers in Psychology. It’s a natural little high for something so simple.”

These haircare and skincare routines help you engage in mindfulness practices. Choose to focus on the sensations you’re experiencing in the present moment, rather than the usual anxiety that’s swimming around up there. This is something a therapist recommended to me recently (mindfulness not skincare lol).

Do This For You

I never knew that indulging in better haircare and skincare products would lead to so much more all-around wellness. I am so grateful for this self-care path I started 3 years ago!

In 2018, I finally got tired enough with the state of my hair, that I did something about it. And it wasn’t just a salon visit. I partnered with a haircare company that not only changed my hair, but changed my life. And once my had my hair on lock, I ventured into transforming my skin. And that brought me to applying for esthetician school! One positive change as simple as establishing a beauty routine, can lead to so much growth.

What are some of your favorite Beauty Routine Therapies and how do they positively impact your life? I’d love to hear from you!

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